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International accessibility of clinical practice guidelines in Physical Therapy makes it possible for Physical Therapists to use guidelines as a reference for treating their patients. At a national level, countries could endorse guidelines, and adjust guidelines to their local situation if necessary. It also makes international collaboration possible in further development and in the updating process of guidelines.

Tuesday 04 August 2009 - 07:56:01
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Invitation for Physio-Jobs.Net
Posted by Rob in Extended Scope
We recently started Physio-Jobs.Net and we are inviting you to join us.
Physio-Jobs.Net is an international career website for physiotherapists looking for a (better) job.

Physio-Jobs.Net is free of charge for job seekers and employers.

Job seekers
  • Searching for jobs is quick and easy. We have two types of job searches: quick and advanced. Quick search requires you to fill out just a few fields to get results. Advanced search  is used when you want to get more specific, such as specifying a geographic area, minimum salary, experience level, etc.
  • Register at Physio-Jobs.net and post your resume on Physio-Jobs.Net and employers will contact you.
  • Members can also also activate our Job Agent. This agent automatically emails you the relevant jobs.

  • Each job you post gets its own separate page. Your, name, job location, and other job information is listed on this page. A detailed job description is entered, which can be used to make specific requirements or provide more information about the job. After a job is posted, job seekers can save or apply the jobs they want!
  • Employers can find resumes of job seekers that match their criteria. A powerful resume search allows employers to search by industry, experience level, geographic location, and more!
  • Your jobs will be syndicated by our RSS, PhysioForum.Net, Twitter, Indeed, SimplyHired, Oodle, Google base and Oodle.

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